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We often receive letters, e-mails, and phone calls from happy users of Longnecker® Tools.  These are from people who garden just for fun and from people who garden for a living.  They all talk about how versatile and efficient these tools are, and how they would recommend them to others.

We are flattered and honored by their endorsements.  Here are a few of accolades our Longnecker® Tools have received:

From the Rosemania WEB site:

We met Dick Annand, the creator of Longnecker tools at a lawn and garden show in Franklin, Tennessee. We were so impressed with both tools that we purchased an inventory for Rosemania on the spot. You will be amazed at the overall construction as they are designed for productivity, durability, and leverage. Any gardener will love them.

"I bought a hand weeder and trowel from (Longnecker® Tools) about 5 years ago, and from that day on these garden tools became my constant and reliable companions. They went through so much use and abuse, and regardless of it stay intact, and look indestructible. Company offers a lifetime guarantee on them, and so far these tools look like they will survive anything! I have found a lot of creative uses for them in a garden. Hope they will make a weeder with a long handle some day. So, I give them 5 stars, and feel grateful for making my gardening work easier and more pleasant."

Roswell, GA

(A comment from another happy customer posted on Dave's Garden, an informational website where a large, international community of gardeners can learn from each other and find resources offered by the gardening industry.)

> To: < trowelman@earthlink.net >
> Date: 5/5/2009 5:02:43 PM
> Subject: Re: Longnecker Garden Tools
> Richard,
> I received the tools today. I sold 3 already and I had
> not even got them out of the box!!!
> Thanks,
> Brent

(Note: Brent is a very satisfied wholesale customer.)

I've got to tell you that we just love using the trowels we purchased at the Burlington NC Herb festival. What great gardening tools! And we're glad we got 2 trowels as I know my husband and I would be arguing over who would get to use it! Thanks!

Lois & Alan

"Thought I would touch base with you. I have much enjoyed using your trowel, I have replanted that front garden over the past month and much of it was done w/the trowel (the best part is getting up!). Yours is pretty much untouchable by others. I have just returned from the MANTS tradeshow in Baltimore, 3.5 miles of vendors wanting to sell you stuff to sell, quite an education. Anyway your trowel has no real competition best Suz and I can tell. You are right about the trowel, it does the job of the weeder also, we will carry them both, but I can see really marketing the trowel that does "all" the most."

Lisa Z.

Hello Dick,

I have purchased your tools in Atlanta at the garden show. I can not imagine gardening without them now. They are of an exceptional quality, and I am amazed they are surviving all the hard work and abuse they are going thru. Weeding is a joy now.

Thank you!

Hi Dick -

I'm finally getting around to thanking you for making gardening more fun and more productive for me!

I bought both the trowel and the weeder from you at the VA Flower Show in VA Beach about 3 years ago. Let me just say that these 2 tools have been a HUGE help in helping me to transform my yard in Hampton, VA in to a wonderful place for people to come and enjoy - and now that we are slowly recovering Hurricane Isabel, we are completely redesigning the yard again due to the fact that we lost 2 Live Oak trees that were approx. 60'X60' each and 1 Pecan that was 160 years old. No more shade in our yard!! The trowel and weeder are going to really get a workout as we will be moving 1000's of Daffodil, Tulip and Amyrillis bulbs as well as Asiatic Lillies, Daylillies, Cana Lillies and various other hardy plants like English Boxwood and Gardenia. We'll be sure to take some pictures and send them to you!!

Thank you very much for making a high quality, versatile product! It truly has enhanced my gardening abilities and I actually enjoy weeding now because I am better able to keep them under control with Longnecker Tools!


Hampton, VA

Hi Dick,

I bought a set of your tools at the Goose Creek Herb Guild Fair at Oatlands
three years ago.  I have been gardening for more than a few years and your
garden tools are by far the best garden tools I've ever used.  The leverage
that you get with the trowel is a wonderful help in digging any size hole
and indeed the handle has 'helped me up' on more than one occasion.  When
I'm on my way to the garden, I bypass all the 'old' tools and always pick
up the Longnecker tools.  I'm on my way to the order form to order one for
my best friend.  Thanks for developing such a wonderful product that makes
an enjoyable pastime more enjoyable!
Purcellville, VA

Dear Trowelman,

I'd like to say thanks for making a great product. I got the Longnecker Trowel for my business.  We are now planting 25 to 30 more flowers an hour than with our old tools. When you're planting 5,000 to 6,000 flowers at a time, you're saving time.

Glen K.
G&C Mowing Service
Greensberg, IN

Dear Dick,

Please send a trowel to my father-in-law. Would it be possible for you to just write "Happy birthday from your daughter-in-law" on a piece of paper and throw it in the box? Thanks.

Now, let me tell you the story......  We just moved from California to Delaware and are renting a very nice home in Wilmington .  When my father-in-law, an avid and very experienced gardener, came for a visit last week, I asked him to teach me how to plant bulbs.  We were still in the process of opening boxes from the move and hadn't located any tools yet. So my father-in-law checked the shed at the back of the property and found your trowel.  After a few minutes of planting, he said how great that trowel was.  I asked if he had something like that at home, and he replied, "No, but I'm going to find one!"  Thank goodness you have a web page!  Now, only a few days after returning home, he'll have one delivered right to his door!


Anne B.
Wilmington , DE

Dear Dick,

Deena & I were the vendors in the booth next to you at the Flower Show. I bought one of your garden trowels at the show and just had to write to you after using it.

I bought all of my spring plants last weekend at another show where we were vendors. I came home rather late on Saturday afternoon and was, as I'm sure you know rather tired after one of those shows. I told my husband that I was just going to try the tool out and put in a few of my plants. An hour later, all of my plants were in the ground and I couldn't have been more thrilled.

Your tool is everything you said it would be. It was easy, it was convenient, it cut right through untilled ground and I was done in no time.

I would recommend it to anyone and I will certainly give them your web address if they are interested.

Looking forward to seeing you next year ...

Haverford, PA

Dear Trowelman,

Re: Hand Weeder

For the record, I think you make an excellent tool.  But my ex-wife got the Longnecker when we broke up.  That's why I need another one.

Best regards,
Jeff T.
Blodgett, OR. 

Good morning Longnecker,

I planted 100 flower plants a couple of weeks ago.  Vinca, Begonia, and Geranium.  Do I get some sort of award?  Or at least an honorable mention?  the longnecker trowel played a major role in the overall operation!

Say hey to Pat.



I bought one of your trowels for myself and it is the best thing I have ever used to plant pansies and flower bulbs! The trowel made my gardening easier and left more time for me to sit back and enjoy what I had accomplished.

Because I have enjoyed your trowel so much, I'd like to order one for my best friend. She lives in SC and is an avid gardener like me.

Please let me know what I need to do to guarantee delivery for Christmas.

Thanks so much.

Anne W.
Cary, NC



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Last modified: September 27, 2009