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This is my picture page where you can see the Longnecker Tools in action, showing off features that distinguish them from ordinary hand garden tools.

If you click on the thumbnail picture, a full 800X600 version of that picture will come up.  If you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer, press F11 to fill your screen. (Press it again to get it back to it's original size.)  When you're finished viewing the large picture, click on your browser's "Back" button to come back here.

Longnecker Garden Tools

annand02.jpg (135855 bytes) The Longnecker Tools offer the mechanical advantage of much larger and heavier digging tools, but in a size that allows you to work in close proximity to existing plants ... and without having to haul big tools around.
annand07.jpg (139308 bytes) And when you need a little help getting back up on your feet, the Longnecker Tools are strong enough push up with.  Somehow, that is a feature that I appreciate more and more as I get older.

Longnecker Trowel

annand09.jpg (185684 bytes) A few quick hammer-like blows with the Longnecker Trowel opens a hole to add a new plant.
annand16.jpg (150150 bytes) Put in the new plant and use face of the Longnecker Trowel to push the soil back into the hole.
annand10.jpg (153745 bytes) A few tamps with the handle of the Longnecker Trowel packed the dirt around the roots.
annand14.jpg (161807 bytes) The Longnecker Trowel removed the dandelion from the flower bed with one quick chop.

Longnecker Weeder

annand19.jpg (173139 bytes) The Longnecker Weeder works great in mulched or unmulched beds.
annand21.jpg (168877 bytes) The Longnecker Weeder cuts the weeds with a pulling and/or pushing action, whichever you need.  And you have plenty of leverage to get the job done quickly and easily.
annand18.jpg (146630 bytes) The Longnecker Weeder made quick work of removing the wiregrass growing from an expansion crack in this curb and gutter.

Dick Annand

annand22.jpg (145328 bytes)

Annand's. Ltd.
5610 NC 61 North
Gibsonville, NC  27249 USA

1 (888) 449-7538  Toll Free
(336) 449-7225 (USA)

I'm Dick Annand.  I manufacture the Longnecker Tools, and I hope to sell a lot of them, it's true.  But I am also a gardener, and I have used these tools for years.  I know what a help they can be in working in the soil. These tools are durable, productive and designed to work.

Try them out for yourself.  Write, call, or e-mail and order a set and see how good they are.  You'll like them!




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Last modified: April 08, 2004