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Thousands of gardeners all over America are discovering the Longnecker Trowel They are finding that it is easy to use, quality constructed, and guaranteed not to break in normal use. Whether you are a professional landscaper or home gardener, you'll find the Longnecker the most versatile and easy to use trowel on the market. This is one tough trowel that will give many years of satisfaction.

The original idea behind the Longnecker Trowel was to make a hole in the ground. It seemed like such a simple concept, but in 1988 I was having to use mattocks to plant in this red Gibsonville North Carolina clay.

So I asked a friend who could work with steel to make a trowel, but one on a hammer-like handle. What we came up with was the prototype of the Longnecker Trowel.  This trowel has now been refined and is in production right here in North Carolina and is being used by gardeners all over the United States.


After 20 years of production and used by gardeners everywhere, it's still the only trowel that out digs Sophie! 

Sophie, digger extraordinaire 

Click here for a short video of the trowel in use.  Please be patient; it's a large file that will take a while to load for those of you with a dial-up connection to your ISP.


Click here to watch the full demonstration video of both my trowel and weeder.


Key Benefits

  • Simple in design -- productivity, durability, leverage
  • Rugged construction -- welded 13 gauge steel
  • Balanced -- easy to use
  • Versatile -- used for weeding, edging, planting, grading, tamping, splitting and dividing plants
  • Easy on the hands -- hold it like a hammer -- you don't even have to get your hands in the dirt, unless you just want to.


Now you can garden where you would like, whenever you would like, and without beating up your hands.  You can plant what you want, where you want, and when you want.  Just put on a pair of gloves and plant banks, natural areas, under trees or in beds that are already planted without waiting for the tiller or even warm weather.  You can plant bulbs, ground covers, annuals, perennials.  You can dig and divide plants, edge the bed or whatever you need to do while you are there, and you can even use the trowel to help you get up when you're done!  That's what a real trowel should do!

The retail price of the garden equipment trowel is only $21.95 (US) plus $6.00* (US) shipping and handling.  To order our trowel, click here and I'll take you directly to the order form. To check wholesale price or to place an order, just click here to e-mail me.

* Shipping charge outside the US may be different. Call or e-mail for amount.


Kudos from Users

"I bought a hand weeder and trowel from (Longnecker Tools) about 5 years ago, and from that day on, these gardening tools became my constant and reliable companions."

I've got to tell you that we just love using the trowels we purchased at the Burlington NC Herb festival. What great gardening tools!

I have much enjoyed using your trowel, I have replanted that front garden over the past month and much of it was done w/the trowel (the best part is getting up!)

Thank you very much for making a high quality, versatile product! It truly has enhanced my gardening abilities ...

...  We are now planting 25 to 30 more flowers an hour than with our old tools. When you're planting 5,000 to 6,000 flowers at a time, you're saving time. ---

-- After a few minutes of planting, he said how great that trowel was. --

    ---I couldn't have been more thrilled. Your tool is everything you said it would be. It was easy, it was convenient, it cut right through untilled ground and I was done in no time. I would recommend it to anyone ---

The leverage that you get with the trowel is a wonderful help in digging any size hole and indeed
the handle has 'helped me up' on more than one occasion.

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