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  Gardeners who have discovered the Longnecker Weeder know it has the same ease of use, the same quality of construction, can be sharpened, and -- like the Longnecker Trowel -- is guaranteed not to break in normal use. The trowel and the weeder are two tough tools that will give you many years of satisfaction. 

The Longnecker Weeder will make weeding easier for for professional and recreational gardeners alike. It is designed for weeding in mulched or unmulched beds or even on hard surfaced areas -- like a brick walkway. It can cut weeds with either a pulling or pushing action, whichever is appropriate to the situation.


Don't waste a lot of time pulling weeds.  Just take the Longnecker Weeder and shave off the offending and unwanted plants.  Pulling weeds doesn't fix the weed problem and it's tough on your hands.  So why not improve you're bed's appearance by shaving off the weeds with the Longnecker and go easy on your hands.

Click here for video of the weeder in use.  Please be patient; it's a large file that will take a while to load for those of you with a dial-up connection to your ISP.


Click here to watch the full demonstration video of both my trowel and weeder.

Key Benefits

Simple in design -- productive, durable, and it works
Rugged construction -- guaranteed not to break in normal use
Versatile in use -- used for weeding in small beds (mulched or not), hard surface areas (patios, atriums, fountains, and pools), or just taking the chewing gum off the floor
Easy on your hands -- keeps the dirt out of your hands and your hands out of the dirt

Kudos from Users

--- Weeding is a joy now. --- 

--- For the record, I think you make an excellent tool. ---  

--- I actually enjoy weeding now because I am better able to keep them under control with Longnecker Tools! ---

[Click here to read the full text of all the letters on our "Accolades" page.]


Put on some gloves and cut weeds quickly with the Longnecker Weeder and then spend some quality time with your flower beds by spreading mulch or herbicide to hold down the annual weeds.  Apply herbicide to the perennial weeds where they are -- don't waste time trying to pull them.  Weed roots are more valuable rotting in the flower bed than in the dumpster.

The retail price of the weeder is only $21.95 (US) plus $6.00* (US) shipping and handling.  To order our weeder, click here and I'll take you directly to the order form. To check wholesale price or to place an order, just click here to e-mail me.

* Shipping charge outside the US may be different. Call or e-mail for amount.



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Last modified: October 18, 2007